Find out about your data breach, before everyone else does.

Our breach detection service provides unique pseudo users, personalised for your business. Should they ever be breached or discovered on the Internet, you will be the first to find out, allowing you to be proactive in protecting your real customers – the ones which matter.

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How it works

Insider Creation

Create your Insider

We can help you adapt your unique insiders to blend in with your userbase. So if the majority of your customers are French, say hello to Fabien Boutin!

Add the Insider to your userbase

Add the insider to your service or website

Why not add one to each of your environments, to help pinpoint the source of the potential data breach?

Leave the rest to us & our data breach detection services

And relax.

We'll pick it up from here, scanning continuously for any evidence of your insider in the public domain. If it is ever released, you'll be the first to know.

Pinpoint your data breach

Our Professional & Premium plans are perfect to help you identify the date of your data leak, by deploying our Insiders at regular intervals throughout your userbase. Why not deploy an Insider each month to help you quickly establish when the breach occurred?

Let us make your life even easier, with our White Glove Service. Let us know how often you would like your Insiders deployed & the process in which you would like us to follow, and we will do all the rest – from creation & registration, to notification that implementation has been successful.

Get alerted. Instantly.

And minimise the cost of your breach.

Earlier data breach detections will save you money by:

If your Insiders are ever discovered by our continuous scans and data breach detection systems, or are contacted via their personal details (their unique email address & local mobile number), you will be alerted immediately.

Breach Insider detection dashboard
Data breach detection phone alert


24/7 Scanning
24/7 Scanning

Relentless scans of the Internet & Dark Web for evidence of breaches

Unique users and emails
Unique Email

Each Insider has its own unique email address, crafted to look natural among your userbase.

Every insider has a genuine mobile number
Local Mobile

A dedicated local mobile number, to detect advanced threats against your users.

Lots of integrations available
Alert Integrations

Get alerted quickly, and in the manner which works best for your business.

Whitelist any emails that are genuine
Email Whitelisting

Drip or marketing campaigns? No bother, just whitelist the sending domain!

Any evidence is collected and stored securely
Evidence Collecting

All evidence is forensically kept, including email headers and voice recordings.

Installing is as easy as 1, 2, 3
Easy Installation

Just add your Insider to your existing customer data, and you're done.

14 day free trial
Money Back Guarantee

Not happy after 30 days? We will refund you in full, no quibbles.

  • Name
    Gemma Hostle British Flag
    +44(0)7952 1529XX
  • Name
    Joann Pena American Flag
    +1 202-858-54XX
  • Name
    Oscar Eriksson Swedish Flag
    +46(0)769 438 3XX
  • Name
    Adelynn Dubois French Flag
    +33(0)6 44 63 49 XX

Your Insider is connected..

Not every breach ends up on the Internet for everyone to see or search for.

That is why we ensure we can detect your potential breach as early as possible, by providing each Insider with a genuine email account which will blend in seamlessly with your userbase.

We even provide each Insider with a real local mobile number, to detect advanced spear-phishing attacks targeting your users.



With plenty more to be added soon

Get started today,
and find out before everyone else.