Find out about your data breach, before everyone else does.

Incredibly unique pseudo users, personalised for your business. Should they ever be reached or discovered on the Internet, you will be the first to find out, allowing you to be proactive in protecting your real customers – the ones which matter.

How it works

Create your Insider

We can help you adapt your unique insiders to blend in with your userbase. So if the majority of your customers are French, say hello to Fabien Boutin!

Add the insider to your service or website

Why not add one to each of your environments, to help pinpoint the source of the potential data breach?

And relax.

We'll pick it up from here, scanning continuously for any evidence of your insider in the public domain. If it is ever released, you'll be the first to know.

Get alerted. Instantly.

If your insider is ever discovered by our continuous scans (which includes popular sources such as Pastebin, its alternatives, and even the dark web), you will be alerted immediately.

Need a team or system alerted? Not a problem – one of our many integrations will ensure that they'll find out right away.

With plenty more to be added soon.

Be the first to know when we launch.
No spam. We promise.

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